Friday, November 2, 2012


Updated Stats

Channel Name: Smosh

Video Views Per Day:

Current Number of Subscribers: 5,723,039

Current Number of Views: 1,805,990,512

Estimated Earnings Per Day: $2170

Youtube is number three most visited website on the internet. Containing millions of active users, Youtube gets around 4 Billion unique visits daily and that's not it. Youtube started a program called "youtube partnership" in 2007. With that program anyone can earn revenue for making original content and sharing it on youtube. So from the year 2007 up till now youtube has approved hundreds and thousands of youtube channels for revenue generation.
Fact: Youtube in October 2012 announced that its top 1000 partners are making more than $23,000 per month, on average, just by advertising google ads on their videos. This doesn't include the product promotions that youtube partners can do to make extra few bucks.

The best part of youtube is that you don't have to make a million dollar movie to start. All it takes is just a camera, a laptop(or desktop, whatever you prefer), an internet connection and a good idea(which won't cost you any money). There are thousands of examples on youtube of people who are making a living out of youtube and all they did was they started to follow their passion and now they are dealing in some good money.

Youtube is open for you all the time, but I would recommend that a good age to find the audience of your kind would be 13-21 years. Most of the Youtube partners who are making handsome money on youtube are above 21, but they started when they were in there teens like, Shane Dawson, Ray William Johnson, Phillip de Franco, Pewdiepie and many more...

So its time for you to either sit back, relax and watch videos other people have made, or jump in as a youtube partner and make money, or even living out of youtube.

About The Author: I'm a Youtube Partner and the creator of famous youtube series "How Much Money Do Youtube Partners Earn?". These days I am making daily vlogs on and I have a second channel as well. So feel free to contact me either here or on my youtube videos.